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Times like these remind us of the importance of decision-making based on sound data and informed opinions.

Like all Canadians, Navigator is carefully watching the development and spread of the COVID-19 virus and working to appropriately adapt our business practices.

The volume of information is overwhelming, making it difficult to identify information and opinions that matter most in any news cycle. To help you make sense of it all, Navigator Sight uses AI and machine learning to separate the signal from the noise. Browse the latest recommendations and subscribe to receive email updates.

Government COVID-19 Updates

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Navigator is carefully monitoring government announcements and new initiatives related to COVID-19. To help you keep on top of the latest, Navigator is publishing daily government updates and a comprehensive searchable listing of COVID-19 resources. Subscribe and browse the resources below and please take a moment to share this resource with your colleagues and social network.

Government Program Directory

Navigator has created a comprehensive listing of COVID-19 resources capturing government (and some third-party) programs and initiatives across Canada. The Navigator team will continue to update this listing as the information becomes available. The directory can be sorted to display federal, provincial, and third-party programs available to businesses and individuals across Canada.

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